DIY Cardboard Box Car


Make the wheels move! No Kit!

My kids turn up their noses at any car with wheels that don’t move, so we had to figure out some basic engineering to make em’ spin. They sell kits for this but I hate kits, I also hate following directions. I also really hate the idea of paying for a cardboard box that will get destroyed in a few hours. So my kids and I figured this out as we went along, using things we had in the house. And the wheels really move! They have no function– just for looks– but it’s super important to these five-year-olds that the steering wheel and wheels actually rotate. So… here’s a trick how to make easy wheels that spin!

-big cardboard box

-rubber bands

-paper towel / tp rolls


-duct tape

No patterns necessary; the kids outlined the shape of the wheels and I was in charge of tracing the paper roll onto the center of the wheel so that when I cut out the hole it would slide onto the paper roll easily but snuggly.

We started with a super weird shaped box that had a sort of pop top on it which made for nice front and back windshields.

Amanda Andersen